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Blended Support Service in USA – The Trend You Must Follow

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One of the most challenging aspects that a call center industry currently faces is the adequate utilization of an agent’s time. The different operations managers and supervisors often face troubling times in allocating and reallocating the different departments’ tasks and resources. As a result of this arduous task and wastage of time, the overall productivity gets affected. This is the reason why a scalable blended support service in USA is taking the forefront.

What is a blended process?

Scalable blended support service is a call center where an agent would be responsible for taking both incoming and outgoing calls to meet the strategic demands. The process combines predictive outbound dialing and automated incoming call distribution, resulting in effective workflow handling. A blended process in BPO also makes an agent’s work quite simple, adding a varied range to the tasks and making it less monotonous.

Apart from blending the two calling systems, viz. inbound and outbound, a scalable blended support system in USA also offers a variety of other facilities that include:

  • Support to the work-from-home agents
  • Call transferring
  • Agent extensions
  • Call recording
  • Live analytics and reporting
  • Call barging
  • Intelligent dialer function

These are some of the outstanding features that help a blended agent customer service to provide an upper arm for any business. Regardless of the scalability of operations, a scalable blended support service also lends agility and efficiency to the system. We have compiled the benefits of using the blended agent customer service below. Read on to know more.

What is the primary reason for having a blended agent?

The primary reason for having a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA is the efficiency of work that every agent portrays. They are more adaptable to catering to a wide range of platforms and handling social media, emails, calls, texts, and blended chat process. They can route their responsibilities and contacts easily through different channels without having a scope of remaining idle.

Having a blended agent?

These agents have a multi-variant range of skill-sets, thereby making them accustomed to every job-role. However, the right mix of back office support service in USA only occurs with the implementation of the appropriate tools. This is the reason why the blended agents must have the right analytics and reporting tools.

Higher rates of efficiency

The best feature of scalable blended support service in USA is to work in perfect synchronization to provide the swiftest solutions to customer calls. So, wherever the call volumes get high, and a call overflow happens, the blended agent call center uniquely manages the workflow.

A blended agent contact center also possesses amazing expertise in running a marketing campaign for a set duration. So, they can outstandingly handle responsibilities to produce more work efficiency without giving a single scope of an idle-time.

Flexibility in nature

A blended process for voice can provide great comfort at work unmatched by the same process’s rivals. They have first-hand experience in using advanced tools and technology such as IVR and automated call handling. The amazing ease of work is seen due to the efficiency of the blended agent customer service. They are available 24/7 to the customer and provide the ultimate Scalable Blended Support Service in USA.

Highly Experienced Experts

The major drawback of providing either inbound or outbound services is that the agents will not handle a multi-variant range of customers and call types. However, the agents of a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA are prolific in handling a wider range of processes and calls of all kinds, thereby making them quite efficient in their task.

Also, these agents will be the best people in providing amazing insights to improve the existing business models by adapting to blended chat support with utmost efficiency.

Customer satisfaction is a priority

Customer satisfaction is always a priority at the Scalable Blended Support Service in USA. The experts are efficient in reducing the average holding time for every customer, thereby making the experience smoother and offering innovative solutions to each customer to get a tailored solution according to their requirement. The blended agent customer service also believes in upholding the brand value and ethics of the business.

Low rate of turnover

The best part of working in a blended agent customer service process is creating a positive working ambiance for every agent to learn and grow in his job profile. Therefore, this makes him more enthusiastic and comfortable at work.

A positive working environment always boosts the psyche of an agent. And, as it is said, the happier the employees are, the better they perform. It will also result in a lower rate of turnover and create more loyal employees.

Can anyone be a blended agent?

The answer is a simple NO! Not everyone possesses the skills and expertise of being a blended agent. Some agents amazing at taking and resolving inbound calls may not be outstanding at taking a cold-calling sales lead. Again, some agents are proficient speakers, but not good at drafting emails. Also, some agents might not be able to thrive when given a random mix of contacts. However, all the skills mentioned above are an instinct to many other agents who are the right candidates for working in a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA. However, screening the right candidates and training them are the key elements to thrive in such an environment.

What makes a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA the best option for you?

The idea may seem difficult to implement; however, having a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA is the best option for any business. It is the easiest method to earn and retain happy customers. You will be able to realize this the moment you start implementing the process for your business.

It is essential to keep the customer morale intact so that they have the reason to maintain long-term professional relationships with you. Better customer retention naturally maintains company profitability.

Agents are trained more diligently to reduce the call waiting time. Also, fewer customers call in either of the single-direction call centers, with agents frequently calling them. This is not the case with a strictly inbound call center.

A blended call center makes work not only easier but also productive. So, it is essential to build a strong Blended Support Service.

How to Build a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA?

We have outlined three steps of building a Scalable Blended Support Service. Read on to get a fair idea about the same.

Scalable Blended Support Service in USA

  • Step 1: Creating a CRM Strategy
  • Step 2: Incorporating NLU into the IVR to induce automation and high productivity
  • Step 3: Training the agents to achieve the low Average Handling Times.

Using a CRM is essential to collect customer information. A good CRM system works as the functional platform for a central data silo that strategizes the daily and projected operations with ease. So, it is crucial to integrate the call tools and CRM to streamline the customer data so that the agent can serve them better during both outbound and inbound calls.

Having a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is critical for enabling the IVR system to comprehend customer concerns. Automation helps the customer speak out their requirements, and the system will then schedule the events and connect them to the respective agents. These events may include scheduling a callback with an agent at a chosen time or resolution of accounts.

The next step is to train the agents voraciously to easily direct the conversation in a particular direction to get the desired results. The biggest advantage of a well-trained agent in a Scalable Blended Support Service in USA is that he can serve the customer and close the call faster than a fresher or a lesser skilled agent. This will give a long-term benefit in transcending into the different metrics, thereby reducing costs efficiently.

Monitoring the metrics of the blended call center

While you integrate a blended contact center, you must constantly monitor them through several parameters or metrics. These metrics will determine the success of your business. Read on to know more.

  • First Contact resolution

This is nothing but the number of calls that get closed or resolved on its maiden attempt. All the agents having higher expertise thrive at achieving this. If the blended contact system is not delivering the desired numbers of first contact resolution, it is an indication that your agents require more training. Every blended support center should aim at achieving higher rates of First Contact Resolutions.

  • Average Handling Time

This metric in the Scalable Blended Support Service in USA speaks about the standard time of interaction of an agent while handling one call and completing the after-call proceedings. It would be best to shorten the Average Handling Time (AHT) to reduce the long customer service queues. This will also enhance the customer satisfaction level. One of the best ways to cut down the AHT is to ensure that the agent has readily available customer data as soon as the calling tool recognizes the call. You can easily achieve this by integrating the CRM in the first place.

  • Calls per Agent

Another parameter that you can monitor is the number of calls that every agent has handled for a set period. You can automatically route calls to an agent available to take calls at the moment. This is another way of reducing the customer service queues. Also, it is the best way of reducing the strain and balancing a load of an agent when too many calls are in progress or queued up.

Integration and automation is the first step towards converting into a blended call center operation strategy. Once set up, here are the top areas that will dramatically improve your sales and marketing strategies and achieve 100% customer satisfaction in one go. Read on to know more.

  • Sales

Automating and optimizing the outbound sales calls will ore-dial the numbers on the systems and connect the agents on the live calls with ease. It will help them to save time and focus on better opportunities.

Real-time data access will enable better decision-making, lead tracking, and staffing. The staff of the Scalable Blended Support Service in USA will have a fair idea about making the necessary adjustments and enhancing the call closure rates.

  • Marketing

The up-to-the-minute reports so generated will give you a first-hand idea about the customer’s response and inclination towards a particular product and related choices. You can then make the necessary adjustments in your marketing campaign and target more potential buyers.

  • Customer Service

When a call gets connected, the screen will automatically pop the caller’s information along with his past calling activities and purchase history. This will give the agent a fair idea about the customer and his preference and help serve them better.

Your manager or supervisor will also be able to monitor the calls to provide additional services whenever needed. This facility will help the new agents who have just joined the system and take their first calls. The supervisors can then provide the necessary feedback to agents so that they can improve on their shortcomings.

Wrapping Up

Scalable Blended Support Service in USA are a perfect balance between the inbound and outbound calling services. Although the dedicated outbound or inbound call centers have their advantages, a blended one brings out the best of both worlds. Every person, including the employer, employee, and customers are benefitted from the same. Hence, such a call center needs the hour and must be implemented with great potentials.

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